Family Suitcase

Last September 2017 was a critical month for my family safety, an unpredictable Category 5 Hurricane (Irma) was heading home in Florida, I was out of the Country due work in Curacao but returned the night before, with 3 hours left of time of hitting I had to pack all of our most important family belonging (Documents, photos, special memories etc.) in that moment I realized that life of 4 fits in one suitcase, It amazed me how little we really need to survive in this crazy world.  
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Starbucks Recognition

I am honored to have been recognized by the Starbucks Coffee Company in its annual competition of RedCupContest in winter over more than 42.000 amazing photographers, I never thought they would like my work, this photo was inspired by what I like the most, photography, coffee and Christmas.
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My photo "The climb is tough but the view from top is worth it" was shared by Adobe Photoshop itself (Official Website) on their "Instagram" account with millions of fans worldwide. I am so flattered and grateful for it. I feel like I am in Photoshop heave, not only for the recognition but also because Photoshop is the most valuable tool I use to escape reality and express my creativity, it is an honor to share it with all their brilliant and creative minds, specially the best photographer on the planet.
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How often do we say we are going to do something and then we don’t? How often do we start down the path only to turn around out of fear? How often do we have a dream and then fail to live it? There are so many wasted moments, so many pieces of time that are lost because of fear, there are moments that could be and moments that will never be, and if we continue to focus on the moments that have past we might miss all the moments of our future. Dreaming is becoming, dreaming is building a life around yourself or building yourself into a new life, that life is fill of wonder, odds, unknowns and fears but the pursue of a dream is moving past that fear and embracing everything on the other side, we are artists, we are people who want to pursue our passions, but not just pursue them, we want to live them. We are people who have bigger dreams than our imagination can contain and so we spread those dreams across our cameras or canvas or computer screen and we present them to the world and why? in the hope that others will get lost in our dreams too, in the hope that others pursue their dreams, so how then do we overcome our fears to free us up to chase our dreams, we realize that the happiness in our life worth feeling for and feeling fear for and chasing until we can't  chase it anymore, your voice is worth being heard, and if you shout it loud enough you might just change someone else in an unforgettable way, and that is a reason enough to create, and to dream and to discover your passions. We are presenting the endless opportunity to go after what we love, we can build it, breath it, live it and if we are bold enough we can share it, we are artists, we are believers, we are dreamers, and when we push fears out of the way, we put ourselves in a world that brings magic to our life, we become the dream, won’t you become yours? Brooks Shaden

Jan 26th 2016

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Welcome to my Web

From now on..this is my special place .... and I want to share with you my vision of the world through the eyes of photography, here I will show you in a simple way the people that I meet, places that I go to and cultures that I learn from, I consider myself a self-taught photographer, my work is in continuous evolution, always follow my heart and I am learning how to express what I feel without noticing the criticism, I've learned and still continue to learn from the greatest photographers (Joel Robinson, Martin Stranka, Rodney Smith and Brooke Shaden) I always manage to find a way to get inspired  and to create a story told by a photo, please receive my work as a contribution to try to make this world a better place.

Oct. 04th 2015


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Family comes is my greatest treasure.

please. get to know them:

My Wife: Marianny, My lovely sunshine many stories together, the love of my life.

My Daughter: Linda,  My first child...she got my habits for reading and photography.

My Son: Jefry Jr., My best pride... specially cleaver and with a Heart of Fire...a great human been, he is everything I wanted to be at his age.

Oct. 06th 2015

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Thinking Over:

You think this is just another day in your life ? ...Its not just another day, its a gift given to you, be grateful....look at the sky, this day right now is your eyes....look at the faces of people you meet...each one has a story your heart to all the blessing you everyday as the first and the last day of your life....then it will be a great day.

Please. visit my Portfolio named "The Simple Life", is a reflection of simple things we sometimes don't see but that are marvelous.

Oct. 05th 2015

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Recently, I have felt the need to express ideas in a special style of photography known as "Fine Art - Conceptual Photography", I do not understand it quite yet in terms of techniques .....but at the same time and  in a very strange way I am learning how to communicate through some photos where I mixed editing techniques and a connection (That I called "CLICK") able to transmit  a pure sensation or emotion in the photo, it all began about a year ago when I saw Joel Robinson's work, a Canadian photographer and in my opinion the best in this style,  then I decided to investigate and perform some tests, surprisingly he saw my work on Instagram and liked it, for me that was way too much as I look at him as an inspiration,ever since then I haven't stopped to investigating how can I improve my techniques ?, even though I am very far from his talent I felt satisfied with some of my work you can find them in my portfolio named "Surreal", please. visit and try not to understand, judge or evaluate ... only to feel.

Oct 04Th 2015

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This is a very personal story... at some point in my life... I felt doubt about myself  (I think have all been there at least once), I used to live in a country where bad actions were rewarded and the good thing were frowned upon, people around me began to lose their values and suddenly I felt in the wrong side of the story, I asked myself a thousand times if I should change my behavior in order to be accepted ?, and I even tried  a few times without success, It was a horrible situation and it was very hard to pretend it was ok., for me what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong... I don't believe in shades, there is no one single reason for lying, betraying or giving your back to loved ones when they need you the most or even to other people, so I stick to my values, my faith and Beliefs,...the creation started and I commenced the journey by looking for the peace and tranquility in all I did and it was an awakening ...since then I was feeling Centered and focused as never before, it was very important to be present and take my decisions without remorse.... since then I feel closer to God and my loved ones, practice meditation and compassion for everything that surrounds me, It was also very helpful spending some times with nature, at that time the most difficult thing was to understand that you can't force people to love you...So I had to learn to "let it go...." It hasn't been easy but I feel that I have evolved as a human being, changed my entire perspective of thoughts and planned my new life, a life filled with dreams, hope and faith, I closed that chapter and I buried the old me, I changed my accounts (All-socials and emails) to communicate with the world, I started to build myself again ...a new me where  "Believe" was the foundation of my life's meaning, .....I want to believe in goodness, strength, ,generosity, faith,  my ability to love and be loved, happiness, success, abundance and fulfillment.....during this journey I always  noted the word "Believe"  repeated in all that I did or heard....I think that the energy of Believe, perhaps is the most powerful and connecting force we all share in life,  there is a constant search to believe in our self (A self-esteem that no one can't take away) and to believe in a force greater than you, this is how I learned to trust my true self  and let it lead the way, Please. meet ......MrJsBelieve.


Mr. : Respect yourself and others JS: Jefry Sulbaran (True self) Believe: To have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so.

Thank you Mr. JsBelieve Oct 04th 2015

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So Christmas/winter is coming....and I am planning an amazing trip to Montreal/Canada with my family....hope to take good pictures of a white Christmas, its going to be Amazing, keep you posted.

Oct. 07th 2015

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